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Corporate Membership entry requirements

Corporate Membership is open to companies engaged in any aspect of carpentry, joinery, shopfitting, timber construction or other related woodworking activities.

Members of the Institute of Carpenters are associated with the very highest standards of craftsmanship and professionalism. The prestige and public recognition of belonging to a highly respected organisation is open to companies as well as individual members. We work to enhance and promote the status of a profession and craft which is proud of both its traditional heritage and its modern cutting edge innovation, and we ensure that our members and their clients benefit from the superior knowledge and craftsmanship long associated with the Institute. The historic craft of building and working with timber has never been a more relevant and sustainable solution as it is today and the introduction of this new type of membership for companies working with wood acknowledges high standards of workmanship and professionalism, not just from individual craftsmen but from entire organisations – from joinery specialists to timber frame construction experts, and interior fit-out professionals to skilled conservation and restoration companies.

Like the individual membership, companies are assessed by the Institute in order to become Corporate Members. A Code of Professional Standards has been developed and is part of the corporate membership verification procedure which identifies Institute of Carpenters’ members as a cut above the rest, and provides a notable quality benchmark for clients and customers. As Geoff Rhodes, President of the IOC, says “Membership of the Institute of Carpenters has always been synonymous with the very highest standards of craftsmanship and professionalism. The Corporate membership scheme is a unique opportunity for companies working in those industries which supply, specify and work hand in hand with woodworking and craft professions”.

In addition to our standard membership benefits, Corporate members are entitled to complimentary individual membership for staff who meet our entry requirements - the numbers of memberships available depends on the company's turnover and you will be contacted upon receipt of your application to discuss this further.

General Scheme Requirements
As a condition of membership, companies are required to comply with the following conditions:

  A Director, Partner or Senior Manager must be a paid up voting member of the Institute of Carpenters and hold the membership grade of full Member (MIOC) or    Fellow (FIOC)
  Undertake to abide by the Code of Professional Standards & ensure that their employees and sub-contractors are aware of the Code of Professional Standards
  Complete and return the membership application form and the Code of Professional Standards applicants self-assessment form
  Voluntarily submit to a verification procedure to ensure that the applicant meets the criteria for membership of the scheme and further periodic visits to determine the company's continued membership
  Provide a minimum of three references where high quality work was successfully completed
  Provide appropriate financial information
  Be VAT registered in the United Kingdom or European Union
  Members must pay all membership fees promptly in accordance with current IOC subscription procedures
  Complaints against a member will be investigated by the IOC Board dealing with the Code of Professional Standards
  If, after completion of the investigation, a member is found to have breached the Code, then the IOC shall take such action as it deems necessary

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