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Corporate Application Form 2015

If you are a business working directly in wood trades (e.g. carpenter, joiner, shopfitter, wood supplier) please complete the application form below

Please do not use this form to apply for any other kind of membership, please click here to view the other types of membership available.

Description of company activity

Annual Turnover for last two financial years

Name of Director/Company Secretary/Partner/Proprietor

By providing your email address, you are consenting to the Institute of Carpenters contacting you from time to time by email.  You have the option to opt out at any time.  We will not share your email address with any third parties without your express permission.  If you do NOT want to be contacted by email, please tick the box below to opt out of email communications. 


Please give us the details of three references to support your application. Please provide the name, address, phone, and email of each reference.

Code of Professional Standards

Financial Status / Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance
Customer Care

If you selected 'Yes', please go straight to 'Contracts' below, otherwise please answer the rest of this section.

If this is not written, please describe how you deal with complaints?

Employment & Training

If your answer is YES please go to 'Technical Aspects' below, otherwise please answer the rest of this section.

Technical Aspects
If your answer is YES, how do you ensure this?
If your answer is NO, how do you maintain your technical knowledge?
How do you ensure that you are aware of changes in legislation / standards?
Health & Safety
If your answer is YES then please ignore the rest of the Health & Safety questions and go to 'Environmental' below.
If the answer is YES, please ignore the rest of this section and continue to the apply now button.
By clicking Apply now, you are making an application for membership of the Institute of Carpenters and agree to abide by the terms of membership and our code of conduct.  If you have also opted for your details to be included in our Find a Carpenter listing, by clicking apply now, you confirm that you hold the requisite business insurance and that you will uphold the aims and promote the quality of work and professional standards of the Institute of Carpenters.
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