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Tim White – Apprentice Bench Joiner – IOC Student Member, Sheffield College


Tim White, a Level 2 Bench Joinery student at Sheffield College, has joined the Institute of Carpenters as a student member.  “I was working for a local building firm and we had several jobs where we needed to visit the local joinery, David Eade. While we were there it looked so interesting that I later decided to ask them if they would offer me a job. I was very lucky and they took me on as an Apprentice. 

“We do a lot of bespoke joinery work and there are a lot of listed buildings around here. So, for example, with old windows, we have to work to the specific drawings that the architects have done and that the planning people have agreed,” Tim says.

What are the best bits of the job, we asked him? “I really enjoy making curved, arched doors and also bespoke staircases, it’s really interesting. You have to be good with hand tools here as we’re a traditional joinery, but that’s what I enjoy.”

For the future, Tim is hoping to go on to take Level 3 Bench Joinery under his tutor Russell Dean at Sheffield College.

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