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Careers advice

There are a huge number of employment opportunities within the trade skills arena of building trades including carpentry and joinery, shopfitting and furniture making.  If you are good with your hands, these trades may well be for you!

With many different roles to consider, you have a number of routes from which to choose. It could be working in the ever-growing construction industry, helping to build thousands of new housing estates and fitting out the rooms inside; or working in the commercial sector, shop-fitting and constructing display material. Perhaps self-employment within the commercial or domestic sectors, where variety and flexibility are key and you will have to provide solutions for diverse requirements, or taking your time to create fine works of art in the form of furniture and decorative pieces.

There are many training courses to start you on your way, but one of the main elements you will need to progress within the industry, or any service industry for that matter, are people skills: the ability to get on with people. It goes without saying that these include being polite, friendly, understandable and easy to communicate with.

Obviously, training and qualifications are the main factors involved in actually getting you a job and allowing you to get your foot in an employer’s door, or providing you with the confidence and ability needed to start your own business.  So why wait?  Click the links below to start finding out how you too can become a craftsman working in wood trades.

Open Doors - get behind the hoardings for a look at construction 4-9 October 2021. 

Please email Paul Preston FIOC if you have any other queries and he will be happy to help.
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