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Head Office

32 High Street, Wendover, Bucks, HP22 6EA
T: 0844 879 7696
F: 01296 620981
E: info@instituteofcarpenters.com

IOC President

Geoff Rhodes FIMML MIOD
T: 0844 879 7696
E: president@instituteofcarpenters.com

IOC Membership Chairman

Trevor Eveleigh FIOC LCGI
T: 01268 772383
E: ioc@vintrev.me.uk

College, Corporate & overseas membership

Mel Davies FIOC LCGI
T: 01491 638201
E: chilterns@btinternet.com

Exams & merchandise

David Winson FIOC
T: 0115 928 9134
E: david@central-office.co.uk

Membership subscriptions (existing members)

Webscribe Ltd., Unit 4, College Road Business Park, College Road North, Aston Clinton, HP22 5EZ
T: 01442 820585
F: 01442 827912
E: ioc@webscribe.co.uk





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